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  • This Zuppa Toscano potato and sausage soup is about the only thing I really enjoy here. I think it’s the potato skin that makes it stand out. As for the rest of what I had here, it’s not even worth posting about…so many good Italian restaurants out there, sadly this place (and chain) just don’t make a mark. (at Olive Garden)

    I finished this shrimp-stuffed salmon in time to enjoy the waning evening from the balcony. Across from me are a few vineyards, hmm maybe I’m missing something…🍷?

    This was an experiment of balance among dill weed, lemon, butter, and sea salt. I was pretty happy with the final taste, but I prefer my salmon a bit underdone. Rosemary and garlic bread as a side—was too lazy to make Hollandaise sauce from scratch. 😜

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