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  • The cows in Vietnam must be the supermodels of the bovine world: skinny. Beef dishes don’t feature all that much beef. But there’s always fish and rice 😄 (at Quán Đại Lượng)

    I guess I’m reaching the outer limits Foursquare’s known universe. Ba Ria is a seaside town that boasts about its fresh seafood. This spot doesn’t have an extensive menu, but it does specialize in a few items such as canh chua (catfish Hotpot) and squid. The cuisine is styled as “bình dàn” or casual/informal. You’re going to see that this place lives up to this promise. (at Quán Đại Lượng)

    There’s just something undeniably special about eating with family. Having great food just takes it to the next level. My life seems less connected back home, perhaps eating together more often can bring back some of this magic. (at Co Tam Kitchen)

    The flour made for this bánh bèo (steamed rice cake) is light, fluffy, and fantastic with fish sauce. With roasted shallots and shredded pork toppings, this probably my favorite version of this dish I’ve had to date. (at Bun Bo Hue Truong Thien)

    This Bun Bo Hue (spicy noodle soup) doesn’t get its characteristic red hues until you stir the broth with the chili spices. I normally skip the pork trotters with this dish, but these looked so good on the way in that I just had to try them. They were tender and delicate just like the soup bones I stew at home. A really lovely way to start the morning, and just down the street from my hotel. (at Bun Bo Hue Truong Thien)

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