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  • Smelled something good. Found a street vendor making some Nha Trang style bánh xèo (crepes). Unlike the ones from the south, these are much smaller, and don’t have paprika for that yellow color. These had a pork belly and bean sprouts inside. A very tasty snack! (at Lạc Lối)

    In case you’re curious, dragon fruit can be simply cut in quarters and then peel the skin as you eat. It has a sweet kiwi like flesh and you won’t notice the seeds at all. (at Memento Resort)

    Breakfast today was made at my table. This resort is also a farm and produces many of the items on the menu. One of many delights here is the pineapple ginger preserve they make here. It has a bit of a kick to it, and spread on bread with a bit of butter, it’s perfect. (at Memento Resort)

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